Hello, thank you for visiting my web site.  My name is Manda.  I am a small breeder of Scottish Fold Cats located in Hong Kong. Mainly breeding the colour of Blue, Blue-cream and bi-color.


My prefix of RollingCat is registered with The Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA) are known and recognized around the world.


I live with cats for more than 20 years and my first pedigree cat was given to me in 2003. She is a British Shorthair named Isabel. She encouraged me into the world of pedigree cats and breeding!


In the coming future, I will focus the breeding program of British Shorthair, special in silver tabby and spot. Our first Black Silver Tabby British Shorthair are came from Canada with top quality bloodlines. 

In the past year, I completed a professional pet grooming course to let my cats more wonderful.   Hope to see you all together with my silver cats at Hong Kong cat show in coming future.