2006 HKCFC Cat Show


2005 HKMCC Cat Show


         Titan in show hall                                  Gaia in show hall


                                        Ring 1 judged by Mr. John Colila       


                                        Ring 2 judged by  Mr. Bob Zenda


                                                    Ring 3 judged by  Ms. Liz Watson


                        Ring 4 judged by  Mr. Gary Veach


Titan and Gaia arrived our cattery on 21 September


Titan - 5 months and 1 week old                      Gaia - 6 months old


Titan - 4 months old                                        Gaia - 6 months old

Photos of C-litter


     Coby (Now calling Fergus)                                    Coco

Cream and white straight ear boy                    Dilute Calico fold girl

New owner: Ms. Alison Sie                        New Owner: Ms. Ivy Chow


    Copper (Now calling Sai B)                     Casper (Now calling Pow Pow)

                Blue fold boy                                     Blue white fold girl

New owner: Mr. Carl Kee                          New owner: Ms. Annie Yau


CFA HKCLS Championship Show 2005


         Heath in show hall                   Ring 1 judged by  Ms. Kim Everett


Ring 2 judged by Mr. Brian Moser        Ring 4 judged by  Mr. Wain Harding

CFA HKCLS Championship Show 2004


Ring 1 judged by Ms. Rachel Anger       Ring 2 judged by Mr. Darrell Newkirk


Ring 3 judged by Mr. Donald Williams     Ring 4 judged by Mr. Gary Veach

Heath in the show hall